Excavators, Dumpers, Mixers and Compressors

Excavators & DumpersFirst daySecond dayWeekly
8 ton mini excavator100.00100.00400.00
5 ton mini excavator100.00100.00375.00
4 ton mini excavator90.0090.00325.00
3 ton mini excavator85.0085.00260.00
1.5  ton mini excavator75.0075.00220.00
Micro digger 28 inch wide75.0075.00220.00
Hydraulic breaker50.0050.00200.00
9 inch Hydraulic auger50.0050.00200.00
6 ton dumper80.0040.00200.00
5 ton dumper75.0037.50190.00
3 ton straight/ swivel tip dumper65.00 32.50140.00
2 ton  straight/ swivel tip dumper60.0030.00120.00
1.5 ton swivel high tip dumper65.0032.50140.00
1 ton narrow high tip dumper70.0040.00140.00
High tip track barrow70.0040.00140.00
Self loading Tracked barrow70.0040.00140.00
Buggy fork lift100.00100.00200.00
250 gallon water bowserMinimum hire--40.00
Bunded diesel bowserMinimum hire--50.00
110 litre Bunded diesel container20.0010.0040.00
Concrete MixersFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
5/3 1/2  Diesel or electric40.0020.0080.00
4/3 110v - 240v electric mixer25.0015.0045.00
4/3 petrol mixer25.0015.0045.00
CompressorsFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
150cfm 2 tool compressor70.0035.00140.00
85cfm 1 tool compressor60.0030.00120.00
150cfm compressor base machine45.0025.0090.00
85cfm base machine45.0025.0090.00
Petrol hydraulic breaker unit45.0022.5090.00


The hirer shall be responsible for all plant as specified in our Terms and Conditions without exception. All plant is hired out under our Terms and Conditions as attached to the Hire Agreement. The cleaning of dirty plant, repairing damage (save fair wear and tear) and refuelling will be charged to the hirer. Transport each way will be charged unless an ‘all-in’ rate is quoted on the Hire Agreement. All plant is hired under CPA model conditions of hire.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.