Heaters, Driers, Cutting, Grinding, Sanding, Breakers & Drills

Heaters and DryersFirst daySecond dayWeekly
Small/med space heaters17.508.7535.00
230,000 BTU space heaters25.0012.5050.00
Home/office cabinet heaters6.503.2513.00
Electric convector heater5.002.5010.00
Red rad heater35.0017.5070.00
Extractor fan15.007.5030.00
Carpet dryer15.007.5030.00
Industrial dehumidifier22.5011.2545.00
Cutting and GrindingFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
12" Hilti Masonry cutter 30.0015.0060.00
Super saw30.0015.0060.00
Saber saw22.0011.0044.00
Arbo saw50.0025.00100.00
9 inch angle grinder (discs £2.75)10.005.0020.00
4½  angle grinder (discs £2.25)10.005.0020.00
12 inch cutquick (discs £3.75)20.0512.5050.00
TS 420 14 inch disc cutter30.0015.0060.00
Cutquick trolly5.002.5010.00
Wall chaser (blade wear charge)25.0012.5050.00
Reciprocating saw15.007.5030.00
Reciprocating saw Heavy duty25.0012.5050.00
21.6v Hilti cordless angle grinder 25.0012.5050.00
Diamond concrete grinder25.0012.5050.00
SandersFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
7 inch edging sander(discs £2.50)15.007.5030.00
Orbital sander10.005.0020.00
Concrete Breakers / DrillsFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
2500 kango heavy duty breaker35.0017.5070.00
900  kango medium duty breaker25.0012.5050.00
Makita medium breaker20.0010.0040.00
SDS max medium breaker20.0010.0040.00
SDS max med breaker/drill20.0010.0040.00
SDS plus drill 15.007.5030.00
Hilti diamond core drill 50.0025.00100.00
13mm SDS plus percussion drill15.007.5030.00
24v cordless drill20.0010.0040.00
Mixer drill and single paddle15.007.5030.00
Mixer drill and double paddle20.0010.0040.00
Magnetic Drill50.0025.00100.00
Angle drill15.007.5030.00
Hilti TE1000 breaker 35.0017.5070.00


The hirer shall be responsible for all plant as specified in our Terms and Conditions without exception. All plant is hired out under our Terms and Conditions as attached to the Hire Agreement. The cleaning of dirty plant, repairing damage (save fair wear and tear) and refuelling will be charged to the hirer. Transport each way will be charged unless an ‘all-in’ rate is quoted on the Hire Agreement. All plant is hired under CPA model conditions of hire.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.