Drill Bits, Diamond Cores, Saws/Woodworking, Cleaning & Decorating

Drill Bits & Diamond CoresFirst daySecond dayWeekly
Up to 13mmMinimum hire---2.00
14mm to 25mmMinimum hire---5.00
16mm to 38mm (SDS max)Minimum hire---10.00
40mm to 50mm (SDS max)Minimum hire---15.00
1½ - 1¾ inch core + wear chargeMinimum hire---10.00
2 to 4 inch core + wear chargeMinimum hire---10.00
5 to 7 inch core + wear chargeMinimum hire---10.00
Wear Charge for Core Bits £10.00 per mm
Extension bar (each)Minimum hire---1.50
Comb holder (combs extra)Minimum hire---1.00
Rammer footMinimum hire---2.00
PaddleMinimum hire---5.00
Saws/WoodworkingFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
Mitre saw15.007.5030.00
9 inch circular saw r/sharp £3.8015.007.5030.00
12 inch  bench saw (240v)15.007.5030.00
Jig saw10.005.0020.00
Power plane-4 inch blade10.005.0020.00
Tile cutting saw 240v10.005.0020.00
Cleaning & DecoratingFirst DaySecond DayWeekly
Wet & dry vacuum cleaner H/duty16.008.0032.00
Dust  control industrial vac40.0020.0080.00
Extractor fan15.007.5030.00
Hydromist carpet shampooer15.007.5030.00
Wallpaper stripper20.0010.0040.00
Heat gun5.002.5010.00
Paint burner (gas extra)
Dust sheets 12”x12”Minimum hire---5.00
Tarpaulin-PVC 18x12Minimum hire---8.00
Tile cutter (hand)Minimum hire---12.00
Quarry tile breakerMinimum hire---5.00
Floor polisher/scrubber (brushes extra)25.0012.5050.00
Petrol pressure washer30.0015.0060.00
High power pressure washer40.0020.0080.00
Bowser pressure washer75.0037.50150.00
Mini bowser pressure washer 50.0025.00100.00


The hirer shall be responsible for all plant as specified in our Terms and Conditions without exception. All plant is hired out under our Terms and Conditions as attached to the Hire Agreement. The cleaning of dirty plant, repairing damage (save fair wear and tear) and refuelling will be charged to the hirer. Transport each way will be charged unless an ‘all-in’ rate is quoted on the Hire Agreement. All plant is hired under CPA model conditions of hire.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.