Compactors, Ladders, Support Equipment and Road Work Equipment

CompactorsFirst daySecond dayWeekly
12-18 inch plate compactors25.0012.5050.00
Fwd / rev petrol plate compactor35.0017.5070.00
Upright trench compactor30.0015.0060.00
Rubber pad for plate compactor5.002.5010.00
Stair deck30.0015.0060.00
Road Works EquipmentFirst DaySecond DayWeekly Hire
8x4 road platesMinimum hire20.00
Road conesMinimum hire2.50
Road lamps c/w with batteriesMinimum hire5.00
Road signsMinimum hire5.00
Stop and go boards (each)Minimum hire10.00
Kerb lifterMinimum hire18.00
Barrier fencing (per 2m)Minimum hire3.00
Metal pedestrian barriersMinimum hire3.00
Heras fence panels (3.5m)Minimum hire3.00
Cable detector25.0012.5050.00
Signal Generator25.0012.5050.00


The hirer shall be responsible for all plant as specified in our Terms and Conditions without exception. All plant is hired out under our Terms and Conditions as attached to the Hire Agreement. The cleaning of dirty plant, repairing damage (save fair wear and tear) and refuelling will be charged to the hirer. Transport each way will be charged unless an ‘all-in’ rate is quoted on the Hire Agreement. All plant is hired under CPA model conditions of hire.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.